Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who can play DOMATICS?
A: DOMATICS is a family game.  It is recommended for ages six (6) and up, however, we understand that some children may grasp certain information faster than others.  With this thought in mind, we leave it to the parents to decide when to start their child with DOMATICS.

Q: What is a spinner?
A: A spinner is the first block played to start a game.  It has a zero and a plus sign with a horizontal line through the middle that separates the zero and the plus sign.

Q: Can I subtract a bigger number from a smaller number (example: 5 - 10 = -5)
A: Yes you can.  This would give you a negative number, which would then be subtracted from your score.

Q: Can I use a number line when playing DOMATICS?
A: Yes. It is recommended to use a number line, especially when subtracting larger numbers from smaller number.

Q: What skills will my child learn from playing DOMATICS?
A: While playing DOMATICS, children will learn basic arithmetic skills, interpersonal and communication skills, analytical skills, plus much more!

Q: How can playing DOMATICS help to improve self-esteem?
A: DOMATICS will improve a child’s self esteem by helping them to gain a greater understanding of arithmetic calculations, which will improve their comfort level when working with mathematical signs. A child’s self esteem will also be improved from added interpersonal and communication skills gained through socialization and other team-building experiences gained through playing DOMATICS.

Q: Where can I purchase DOMATICS?
A: DOMATICS can be purchased online at or at a local retailer near you (See list/contact of our local retailers).

Q: Where can I print a detailed instruction of how to play DOMATICS?
A: DOMATICS rules can be viewed and printed here.

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